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Your Secret Weapon For Reversing The Age 


High-technology essential oils able to stimulate the acceleration of cell repair and promote the skin metabolism, make skin more brightening and compact.

Main Ingredients:
1. PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell)
- Protects longevity of skin cells.

- Combats chronological aging.

- Anti wrinkles.

- Increase the vitality of skin.

2. Olive Oil
- Rich natural high-quality vitamin.

- Smoothen skin and brightening skin.

- Able to treat scald and burn.

- Anti-inflammatory and nourishing the role of skin growth.

- Prevent skin rupturing and itchiness.

- Eliminate stretch marks after birth, ages scars and a variety of spot.

3. Citrus Oil
- Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

- Reduce anxiety
4. Sunflower Seed Oil
- Rich in minerals.

- Soften skin and anti-aging.

5. Spear Mint Leaf Oil

- Maintain hormone balance.

6. Vitamin E

- Effectively remove freckles, inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce the formation of melanin. (black pigment of skin)

- Effectively anti-wrinkle, vitamin E can inhibit lipid per-oxidation effect, maintain tissues function, made skin to become smooth, shinny and elastic.

- Vitamin E can protect the cell membrane from free radical oxidation damage, can help repair and consolidate the skin's natural protective barrier, keep your skin stay moisture.

Choose 1 type of SC Soap that suits your skin type, follow by Miracle Water (HA). Apply SC Essence and follow by SC Oil at night time.


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